Monday, February 28, 2005

The New Face of Marvel Universe: Transformed

We're trying something new here at MUTF. These days everything in our lives are becoming more dynamic. Cell phone are not just portable anymore, they also access the internet and have become our personal boom boxes. Going on a road trip isn't the interesting part of the drive as much as it is playing Playstation in the back seat.

The internet has become even more dynamic and interactive as well. Online radio stations now use podcast technology to send the latest shows to your desktop. Websites now are becoming more forum/blog enabled to link readers. We have decided to try this as well. MUTF will now be using the concept of blogging to post new stories and allow our fans to provide instant feedback to our stories and to other fans. The site is just thrown together right now but we plan to change it as our needs change. Let us know how you like it!


1 comment:

Karl said...

Also, just in case people are still wanting the "old school" format, there will be a "mirror" site setup soon just for that instance.

And funny you should bring up web enabled cell phones...

MU:TF available on cell, now there's a thought.