Monday, December 21, 2009

Seeing a way to bring back MU:TF

Okay, all the folks out there. If you're wanting to see a revamp, you're welcome to join the fan list at Yahoo Groups. It's I've put a link to subscribe on the right hand side along with the other links to sites.

What I'm foreseeing is the expansion of MU:TF not only to have it's fanfic roots but also to offer a potential to expand into more such as reviews of official works {when applicable}, reviews of Marvel X-Over toys, links to other active fanfic groups or sites that have either Marvel or Transformers {actually there's no prejudice here, I was attempting to prop for a DC Transformed too...that was some time ago}.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

RFC-Radio Free Cybertron

Radio Free Cybertron - The Transformers Podcast - TF Radio Network Home

I suppose I should have done this a long time ago.

Brian Kilby has brought back Radio Free Cybertron much to the glee of a lot of Transformer fans.

Now, there's a bunch of us here that have been involved in the fandom outside of MU:TF including Brian. Actually, Brian's show pumped MU:TF up back in the original heydays of both RFC and MU:TF. RFC deservedly has made a full fledged comeback.

Brian obviously hosts the show. And, he's actually had a few of us on there. Scott aka "Mop-Boy" , Chris M. aka "Chris McFeely" {yes I know that's not really an aka LOL, and little ol' me {Blacknife on most TF boards}. I know I don't make good radio. But, Brian does. Mop and Chris definitely make for more interesting fodder than me as well because they've done more outside of the our little fanfic group here {well Mop's done a lot behind the scenes but still} If you have interest in Transformers, listen to RFC. If anyone has a slight interest about us, you can listen to our interviews on there as well.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's old is new again...

You'd think of all the resurrection gambits out there, that MU:TF would want to follow in kind.

I mean look at all the stuff that's official now...

New Avengers crossing over with Transformers

Marvel characters being done in a Transformers format.

And, you'd think that might be enough to sort of restart the engine.

Truth told. It quite hasn't got there.

A lot of our crew has either got paying jobs for their talents {and well deserved I might say} and well, like me, non-internet life took priority.

My attempts to garner new support for a MU:TF revamp outside of the old crew have met with Crickets chirping.

It's not surprising really...

There's a lot of flurry of plenty of Marvel and Transformer material {both movie and comics} to keep a lot of readers satisfied.

What bodes next for MU:TF? A resurrection? A revamp? To be honest, a lot of us have been kicking it around. And, well, they were all waiting for me to do it.

Again, real life outside of the internet has proved a most daunting and obvious distraction.

But, enough with the excuses.

MU:TF is and always will be something grand to me. Not just because of the friends I made, but also because the idea seems to have endured as long as it was birthed to produce more sales {What new Marvel comic didn't have a Spidey cameo?}.

And, well, we still think the idea has relevance and power. Just like the Transformers, there is something more to this than just mass marketing potential...{you thought I was going somewhere else didn't you?}

Marvel Universe: Transformed represents an opportunity to take two worlds and create them into something cohesive and readable on both sides...whether you're a Marvel or Transformer fan.

And, the first time, was only testing the waters.

This time around, I want to make waves.