Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's old is new again...

You'd think of all the resurrection gambits out there, that MU:TF would want to follow in kind.

I mean look at all the stuff that's official now...

New Avengers crossing over with Transformers

Marvel characters being done in a Transformers format.

And, you'd think that might be enough to sort of restart the engine.

Truth told. It quite hasn't got there.

A lot of our crew has either got paying jobs for their talents {and well deserved I might say} and well, like me, non-internet life took priority.

My attempts to garner new support for a MU:TF revamp outside of the old crew have met with Crickets chirping.

It's not surprising really...

There's a lot of flurry of plenty of Marvel and Transformer material {both movie and comics} to keep a lot of readers satisfied.

What bodes next for MU:TF? A resurrection? A revamp? To be honest, a lot of us have been kicking it around. And, well, they were all waiting for me to do it.

Again, real life outside of the internet has proved a most daunting and obvious distraction.

But, enough with the excuses.

MU:TF is and always will be something grand to me. Not just because of the friends I made, but also because the idea seems to have endured as long as it was birthed to produce more sales {What new Marvel comic didn't have a Spidey cameo?}.

And, well, we still think the idea has relevance and power. Just like the Transformers, there is something more to this than just mass marketing potential...{you thought I was going somewhere else didn't you?}

Marvel Universe: Transformed represents an opportunity to take two worlds and create them into something cohesive and readable on both sides...whether you're a Marvel or Transformer fan.

And, the first time, was only testing the waters.

This time around, I want to make waves.

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