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Cable #6 - Two Hands to the Sky Part 1 of 6

Cable Marvel Universe: Transformed #6

"Two Hands to the Sky" Part 1 of 6

Written by Karl V.

You have finally completed your life long mission, only to have it denied within a few mere minutes. And, you learn when you complete the mission, that you will be the replacement for the evil you tried to destroy. Trying to choose which future you want is perhaps the easiest option. For the Askani'son there is no doubt on which future he must prevent first.


A curse once thought forgotten seemed had come to his mind for some reason. "Stronq, I suppose you didn't pick anything up either."

"Your rudimentary tracking systems are not very efficient even with our back engineered technology." The gun vocalized back with loathing.

"Funny thing, your race didn't even make a footnote in my future. Maybe we aren't the defective ones." Cable retorted.

The gun sounded a chuckle. "You are a veritable chronal anomaly. How do you not know you came from the wrong future?"

"Nice," Cable softly replied, "you may be right. Legion did go back in time to kill the Professor. A virtual copy of me came from that alternate universe {Nate Grey and Age of Apocalypse for those that need to be brought to speed-KV}, even though we did manage to fix the timeline. In a manner of speaking, of course. I may very well be just another version that came back here."

The gun jerked again, and seemed almost routine now. "Soon, my agent will come to retrieve me and I will complete the mission you have failed to do. Your doubt has severely clouded your logic process."

"Need I remind you, you failed to kill a human. I doubt you will go looking for him because it would cause you to lose importance to the Decepticons. I'm sure they would love to hear how the Great Megatron has failed to kill a helpless small pink flesh organism with rudimentary blue armor."

Megatron tried to break free again, as Cable held him down with his telekinesis. "I will correct my underestimation of use of power. I was not even at full charge when I shot that human."

"It doesn't matter what power you hit him at now. There was something else that actually killed him, even for the briefest of moments. I know what is was. But, I won't tell you. The Great Megatron will have to find out on his own." Finally frustrated with the Decepticon's banter, Cable took off the weapon from the slung position and simply tossed Megatron to the ground.

"You can not treat me like this human!" Megatron attempted to transform, but could not do so.

Cable watched as Megatron clunked to the ground. "Well, well. It seems you are defective after all."

Megatron ran a system check. Danger: Cybertronium levels extremely low. Transformation cog malfunction due to infestation of simple celled techno-organic virus.

As Cable reached down to pick up Megatron, a low guttural raspy growl came from nearby shrubbery. "So, the little black cat is yours."

The black metallic panther leaped and grabbed Megatron with his jaws. Lifting up the gun as cautiously as he would a new born kitten, the robotic feline leapt back into the very shadows.

"Good Riddance." Cable didn't even bother to follow the panther with his techno-organic eye.

A gust of wind rushed behind Cable's back, as he turned to see a tall ebony beauty with a surprised look on her face.

"Ororo, you know what this means." Cable said before she had time to respond emotionally.

She simply nodded her head in silence, and hugged Cable. "Yes, Nathan. But, perhaps it is for the better. I trust you have seen what may come by your eyes."

"Yes, I need to have a word with the good Sisters, and I do mean my half-sister as well. It seems they want to me to kill Apocalypse, then kill me.."

Cable's statement gave Storm a confused look. "What do you mean? Rachael would never contemplate on harming you."

"Come on. I'll explain along the way. One thing is for certain. I need to assemble The Twelve, and I need to do it now. Apocalypse will start the true testing once he recovers."


"Now, why on Earth did Apocalypse ever choose him instead of me?" The Dark Beast pointed in the direction of the short stout four armed forked tongue humanoid creature.

Holocaust, the appointed Horseman of War, shook his head. "For once, even I do not know my father's reasoning. Perhaps he is but a shadow of the man he was in our world."

"Apocalypse bad on either side. No matter which side, still always bad. Sugarman is bad too, so Apocalypse like Sugarman. Sugarman brought the bugs." The mutated human grinned while displaying sharp pointed teeth.

Now reverted back to his normal appearance, Sinister entered the chamber. "What a brilliant way to say that your are the Horseman of Pestilence."

"Where were you?" Holocaust did not like Sinister's long absence.

Sinister simply shrugged. "I returned the Master to his resting chamber. The replacement body had to be used immediately, as the other one finally gave out."

"It does not take that long to place the Master in his chambers."

Sinister walked up to Holocaust. "I fluffed the pillows for him as well."

"You dare be trite with me," Holocaust lifted his weapon appendage directly to Sinister's face, "perhaps you really wish to be dead again."

"Enough." The low booming voice caught everyone off guard.

For once in a few times in his life, Sinister had the look of fear in his face. "How can it be? He can not be already healed."

A dark shadow continued to speak, without further interruption. "Horseman of War, though you claim heredity, that has yet to be proven. Horseman of Death, though you are a traitor, my father has done more than make your worst nightmare come true. He made you experience what you fear the most, made you realize he is truly better than you in ways of scheming and plotting when you thought you were the master of everyone's destiny. Only the Horseman of Pestilence has been a true shining beacon to the greatest vision. Through his childish nature, he has tested more than his share of those that have crossed his path. Though at times this nature may be even grating to the most patient souls, that is the whole point. He makes others weak by assuming they have strength. It is the very reason why my father chose him."

As the tall figure stepped out into the light, the trio from the Age of Apocalypse took a step back.

"I do not understand. In my world, you were not of my father's yolk." Holocaust walked up to the tall figure and looked up at him.

"It does not matter, I will make all suffer and fall before me. They will hunger for mercy, and I shall starve them of it." The large figure smashed Holocaust with a fist, sending him reeling to the wall.

"If you're quite done introducing yourself," Sinister leaned against a pillar in boredom, "then please let me know. I take it you are the Horseman of Famine."

Famine clutched his fist, then raised his arm toward Sinister. Attached to Famine's gauntlet was a long red blade that nicked Sinister's chin. "Yes, the oration is done for now. Continue on your own business as you wish. When my father is fully healed, he will make sure you return."

"Fine," Sinister didn't display any fear at all, "as long as I can continue my own business."

Famine took the blade off Sinister's chin. "No matter where you go or what you do, you are always at my father's will."

Sinister blatantly ignored Famine, and did an about face. As Sinister teleported away, Famine turned toward his other Horseman and the Dark Beast.

"You don't look like your starved." Sugarman poked the muscular Famine in the ribs.

Famine gazed down at the dwarfish mutant, then promptly made a cut along the face. "You didn't have a chin to rest my blade upon so I made one."


"So, tell me again what this Twelve is?" Jack Truman, ever the vigilant SHIELD operative and in the temporary employ of the mysterious Shadows, seemed to still not grasp the concept of the foretold army that would stop Apocalypse.

Domino, obviously irritated at the repeat question, snapped. "It's some group of mutants that will stop the end of the world itself. Now, shut up and move."

"Mutants? I'm not a mutant, so why did he ask me?" Truman continued in the face of an impending barrage of fists.

Domino swiveled and caught Truman by the collar. "Look, he's from the future. And, maybe assembling the same group of Twelve mutants will cause this future. So he's doing his own thing, and he's being smart about it."

"How did you even get a hold of me?"

Domino simply shoved Truman which made him land on his butt. "Take a hint."

"Patch Eye has a spot and white face like a Domino." Caliban helped up Truman, while smiling.

Truman dusted himself off, and gave Caliban a coy smile. He waved off any further help from the big mutant, before he was embarrassed again.

"If you two had enough fun flirting, I think we better go find Storm. She thought she felt something weird in the air, and went off on her own." Archangel flew over the group, as he saw the grimace from Domino and Truman.

"Warren," Domino aimed a gun at the flying X-Man, "you just ran out of luck."

Truman looked as though he wanted a twelve gauge shotgun in a pheasant hunt. Caliban simply patted Truman on the back.

"Feathered friend not mean it. He was only joking. Patch Eye love Caliban."

Truman managed to hide a smile. "I hope her luck runs with your children."

Caliban took this as a compliment. "SHIELD guy is Caliban's friend now."

"You're the first then, because even my little sister hates my guts." Truman muttered.

Unaware of Caliban's acute hearing, Agent 18 received another surprise from the mutant. "Well Caliban still will be friend."

"Thanks." Truman made sure not to say anything else that might cause another response.

The trio was surprised to see Storm lifting Cable with the very winds at her beck and call.

"Well, I guess I'm not the only one to have things fall in place for me." Domino made a smirk at Cable.

Cable's solemn look gave Domino a straight face. "Funny you should mention that. I think everything has finally been cleared up for me."

"Well, it's been fun hero. I'll catch you when you're all good and rested." Truman went to walk away from Cable, only to find he could not move.

"Look," Cable strained to keep Truman held by telekinesis, "I said I want you as part of the Twelve. But, I guess you can't help me track down the rest of my soldiers for me."

Truman turned around, as Cable released him. "All right, but treat me as an equal and not like one of your little army men here."

"Deal." Cable offered a hand, while Truman shook it. "Now, I need the gather the other ten."

"Cable-Nathan added wrong. With Cable-Nathan, nine more would make thirteen." Caliban noted.

Cable nodded. "There's no way I can be part of the Twelve now. It's too much of a risk. I will need to gather an army that can defeat Apocalypse, then one that can defeat me."

"It is a long story," Ororo interrupted, "perhaps best told back in the comfort of Nathan's safe house. I doubt we can even track Apocalypse, if he means to hide from our view."


Like three fates that would cut strings to ensure the very future of man, Blaquesmith and two of the most known Askani met in secret.

"Blessed mother, he has decided to disregard his mission. Perhaps it is time to implement the failsafe." The small squat humanoid looked up to an old woman that coursed with chronal energy.

She nodded in approval. "Yes, though it will mean your death. You were the only male to survive receiving the power of the Askani, but I doubt you would survive the release of all your power. It is the only thing which will wipe the Askani'son from this timeline."

"Once, I thought to destroy that abomination with this power, but I believe the young boy may be a blessing instead of a curse. Perhaps we can convince him, where Dayspring has failed."

Rachel was sitting in a corner, obviously furious about the discussion being carried out. "He's my brother. And, here you two sit talking like he's some type of hit for assassination."

Mother Sanctity spoke with delusional clarity. "We know he is the one responsible for our future. His mission of ridding the world of Apocalypse will spread into a blurred vision of massacre and death. He has taken the first steps, by deciding not to act and kill the monster. Soon, he will pay the penance for this act and he will seek revenge on Apocalypse. Then, he will see everyone as a potential Apocalypse in the waiting. No man or mutant will be safe. It was the very reason that the Askani were born. To prevent the twilight, and the night springing forth."

"You can stop the chronal babble and shove it up where the sun doesn't shine. I won't be a party to this at all." Rachel teleported out of sight from the pair.

Mother Sanctity simply looked at Blaquesmith. "It is time to tutor this abomination to fill the Askani'son role. And, you must carry out your mission."

"I understand." Blacksmith seemed to produce a red glowing staff from nowhere. "Summers will die, and Grey shall be the Chosen One."

Mother Sanctity nodded in approval. "Excellent, now I must attend to other matters."


"Peter is really going to hang me for this." Irene was not really careful on the wording, but now she faced a huge large robot in front of her. This time no Cable to save her, or Spider-Man for that matter.

"Identification: Irene Merryweather. Target Acquired. Lethal Enforcement Authorized."

Irene simply shook her head. "Look big bot, I don't care where you were manufactured. Just go back and you won't see a thing about your mommy in the papers."

"Analysis of Truth in Statement: Ten Percent Probability that Designate: Merryweather will not file a newspaper report on Xenotech technology."

Irene shrugged. "Well, I guess this is it. I go out because of some robot."

Then, from the shadows came a figure. It landed directly behind the robot and tapped it on the shoulder.

"Designate: ...01010.." Before it could vocalize who the stranger was, the was hurled back.

Irene had barely managed to dodge the flying pile of metal before she was killed by it. "Thanks, I think."

"So, here you are again, trying to get your nose where it doesn't belong."

She recognized the voice. It instilled a bit of fear and respect. "Shaw, I'm not joining your stupid club just for saving my hash. I told you once it's a no go."

He laughed. "Well, that's fine by me Ms. Merryweather. But, I still haven't saved...your you so eloquently put it."

Irene turned to see the robot fully repaired and now aiming after Shaw. "Designate: Sebastian Shaw. Mutant Power: Ability to absorb any kinetic energies. Designate Shaw you are obstructing with this unit's mission parameters. Further obstruction will result in termination."

"It is your call Ms. Merryweather. I can continue to obstruct or not. I believe you know my price."

Her face was anguished. There was the temptation of the devil, and then the face of death. Either would have consequences, but the real life ones were easier to handle. "Fine, trash it."

"On behest of the very smart lady, I shall continue to obstruct." Shaw reported to the Xenotech robot.

The robot responded by throwing everything at Shaw, in a vain attempt to overload his power. Shaw was kneeling as the robot went over to finish the job. Shaw responded with a huge punch that contained all the power that the Xenotech Sentinel had tossed at him. The robot shattered into several small shards. Shaw watched them intently for a moment to see if the pieces would start fixing and attaching themselves together.

"What is your price? My joining the Inner Circle?" Irene walked up to Shaw and poked him in the chest.

Shaw looked down at the finger, then back up at Merryweather. "No, you've only earned your way into the Hellfire Club. You have yet to even show remote potential for the Inner Circle my dear. Now, I suggest do not touch me unless you want to end up the same way as the mechanical monstrosity."

"Well, what is then?" Irene was getting irritated and did not care about Shaw's warnings.

Shaw stood like a statue. "Whatever findings you uncover, you will report them to me as well as Cable and the other reporter. I will guarantee you will get no further interruptions. As you well noticed, heroes don't always have the time to come save the day."

"What else?" Irene knew it could not be as simple as this.

Shaw took a moment. "I want to know what Cable's mission is."

Irene scoffed. "For all your vaunted macho mannerisms, you can't put two and two together. I thought you would figure it out from your little journey with Ch'vayre."

"Don’t be so sarcastic woman. I know that En Sabah Nur, or Apocalypse, has something to do with it. I want the specifics." Shaw waited for a reply.

Irene didn't know what good it would do Shaw, but Shaw may be able to put other pieces together from it. "Thanks for the save Shaw. If you want specifics, you'll have to get them from Cable. I'll put in a "good word" for you."

Shaw pondered for a moment. "Very well. If I do not hear it from the proverbial horse's mouth as it were, then I will finish the job I started at the Inquiring Eye." {Sebastian had the Hellfire Club take out Irene's entire office of workers, just for her poking around in the Hellfire Club's business. Irene was saved by Cable. For those who did not know. KV}


Famine sat silently over the resting chambers of his father, where a new possessed body was resting. A huge amount of energy crackled in the air, as Famine did not budge.

"Mother, I did not realize you would come to pay a visit." He stated with no emotion.

The figure replied with ire. "He was an ignorant fool for thinking even he could be strong enough to handle the energies of a black hole. Nothing is stronger than that."

"These creatures are responsible for this. I shall retrieve one for my father so he can find out who has such power." Famine rose to face the woman.

"My dear Serebek, revenge is for the weak. But, we have a more important matter at hand. The Askani'son will not form the true Twelve."

Famine shook his head. "Sanctity, it matters not if he did form the True Twelve. My father must learn to control his new body, and to use it to the utmost. The Horsemen shall be strong enough for this ersatz Twelve."

"See that it does. We must ensure the Askani way will endure. Already, Cable has believers in his midst. I had to dispatch of one small insignificant speck called Cesar. The fool tried to wipe out the Believers before I killed the blasphemer." {EIC note: Remember Cesar's little massacre took place after the drop-off. So, Mother Sanctity prevented some of the occurrence...}.

Famine turned to see the woman. "Interesting how you play this. You mean to kill my father, then the Askani'son, and still you have very small hopes that the Askani Tradition will survive. You mean to wipe out the very things that created your existence, then try and create them on your own. It is no wonder that my father was once married to you."

"It was he who augmented my powers. I gladly traded in my already lost soul to a devil, the price was inconsequential. I made sure that events came full circle, helping the Askani'son mother bring the vital link that would herald Armageddon. After the price was paid, we finally enjoyed our marriage or so I thought."

Mother Sanctity's voice grew to a harsh short whisper. "He discarded me after I gave birth. He only sought to remain strong through lineage as well. My own powers augmenting those of his children. For this I will kill him, though I can not do it by my own hands. He is only wise in that the fact that any power that he gives can not be used against him."

"Come now Mother," Famine sneered, "do really expect anything less from him? He will serve his penance for abandoning all of us. Letting us fend for ourselves just to make us...strong."

Mother Sanctity nodded. "Indeed he will. Now, I will inform the other children. If the Twelve are to fail, then his own spawn shall be his death. Apocalypse will die."

"I doubt you will have any argument from the children, including me."

Mother Sanctity did not reply but simply rose up in the air and vanished.

"Then it will be your turn, you vile witch." Famine shook a red blade in the air in the direction of where the Sanctity had disappeared.

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