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Spider-Man #5 - Those who Forget...

Spider-Man #5

"Those who forget..."

"What do you want with me?" Mary Jane kicked and squirmed as the Green Goblin flew to an unknown destination.

He cackled in sheer delight. "I've made your husband suffer for what he did to me and my boy, now it's your turn. I'm going to make you something that you never wanted to be, a hero."

"What? You are mad." Mary Jane kicked some more.

The Green Goblin dropped her and let her scream for a few seconds before grabbing her again. "Now, I hope you realize the futility of trying to break my grasp. Unless you really want to be splattered all over the sidewalk."

Mary Jane stopped squirming and decided on getting her questions answered. "What do you mean by making me a hero?"

"Simple, a rare powerful element is known to make mutants. And you my dear are my willing test subject for it. I've managed to acquire a small piece of it through a fellow associate of mine. One that owed me a rather large favor." The Green Goblin explained.

"You will have to kill me first before you make me a guinea pig." Mary Jane coldly stated.

"Oh, I have one bargain chip that I've been holding for quite awhile. I'm pretty sure she will guarantee your cooperation. It is worth giving it up, to see you suffer in an even more horrible manner." The Green Goblin pressed a button as he flew into a secret doorway.

"She? What are you talking about?" Mary Jane's mind ran through the gauntlet of friends and family.

"You'll see. First, you must test the Energon crystal I have. Then little May can be yours again." He dropped Mary Jane to the ground with a thud.

Mary Jane's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. "She's not dead?"

A knock came at the door as Peter answered it. The young mutant seemed worn out from a fight.

"Nate, what happened to you?" Peter noticed a small trickle of blood running down Nate's nose.

Nate shook his head. "Cable decided to hit me with something about finishing his job if he failed. But, that doesn't matter right now. Pete, someone took Mary Jane. I think it was the Green Goblin."

"I'll go change." Peter raced upstairs to don his Spider-Man costume.

After a few moments, Spider-Man walked out the front door and shut it behind him.

"Don't waste your webbing. I can still pick up the maniac's thoughts. And, Mary Jane's..." Nate's eyes widened.

"Nate, what is it?" Spider-Man was silently hoping Mary Jane was not yet harmed.

Nate shook his head. "We need to get there fast. Hold on."

The mutant lifted Spider-Man easily with his telekinesis as they flew quickly in the direction that the Green Goblin went.

"You have my baby and she's alive." Mary Jane, with an insurmountable rage driving her, stood straight up and confronted the horrid man.

"Yes, I do. Now, all I require is the simple touch of this." The Green Goblin produced a spike like growing crystal.

Mary Jane hesitated. "First, the baby."

"Oh, very well harlot." The Green Goblin slipped into the shadows of his secret sanctum.

A few moments later, he carried a little blanket with a gurgling baby inside. He handed her over to Mary Jane. Instantly, Mary Jane's motherly instincts told her that this was little May. She tried not to think of this baby being yet another clone.

"Nothing else in the world could make me suffer more than what you made me believe. Now, is the real baby or yet another one of your so called clones." Mary Jane's doubt and anger made her speak her fears.

"No clones this time. Not for you, at least. One harlot and her errant prodigy running around is quite enough." The Green Goblin said chillingly.

"Stop calling me that and don't insult my child." Mary Jane stared a volley of daggers at the man.

The Green Goblin cackled again. "See how well you are already getting into the act. Now, as I said, it comes with a price."

"Yes." Mary Jane grabbed the crystal as the energies coursed through her veins. She yelled in agony as she fell to her knees.

"There now, that wasn't so bad. The effects should be immediate. All I require now is a blood sample to confirm that you are now a mutant." The Green Goblin produced a syringe in another hand.

Mary Jane placed the baby down on a nearby table. As Mary Jane winced in preparation of the sting of the needle, X-Man and Spider-Man kicked in the door.

"Let her go." Spider-Man slung over and landed in front of Mary Jane.

The Green Goblin grabbed his chest and yelled in agony. "ARRRRGHHHHHHH! What is happening to me?" The Green Goblin looked to see his hands covered in blood.

"What the heck is going on?" Spider-Man looked to Nate Grey.

He shook his head. "I don't know."

"Why are my healing powers negating? It's not fair. You are suppose to suffer not me!" The Green Goblin shouted as his costume became more soaked by the minute.

Spider-Man walked up to the man. "Osborn, you're bleeding to death! Control the Goblin now so we can get you to a hospital!"

"No! I don't want them to discover my secret! That Osborn and Goblin are the same! I would rather die." The Green Goblin's words got weaker by the moment.

"Peter, let him die."

Everyone turned to see Mary Jane with the fire of Hades burning in her eyes. She held Little May in her arms, apparently grabbing the child during the argument. The Goblin barely managed to walk over to the lady. The loss of his life fluid was beginning to grow more deadly by the moment.

"I knew it. I told everyone you were a harlot." The Green Goblin hacked.

Mary Jane smacked the man. "I told you not to call me that."

"MJ?" Spider-Man finally managed to get something out.

She turned with a wild streak in her eyes. "Peter, he's made you think you were a clone. He took our baby, made us think she was dead! I WANT THIS MAN TO DIE!"

She fell to her knees as she finally lost control. Spider-Man rushed to hold the sobbing woman. Nate Grey turned to the Goblin.

Nate's eyes glowed with intense psionic energies as he spoke. "I knew men like you in my world. Horrible wretches who thought they could manipulate anyone they pleased for their own perverse pleasure. Tell me one reason why I shouldn't finish the job myself."

"I've seen them both suffer now. My mission is accomplished. I can make them suffer in the next life." The Green Goblin tried to cackle, but only managed to cough up the crimson sands of time.

"I doubt that they will be going the same place you are. And, you know what, you failed miserably. They have the last laugh and get to see you suffer." Nate Grey coldly added.

The Green Goblin's face turned to a shocked one as the realization of truth about Nate's words hit his mind. "No, it's not fair. I don't want them to see me suffer. I never meant it to end like this."

"Too bad, old man. That's exactly the way it's going to go down." Nate Grey moved aside as The Green Goblin saw the reunited family.

"No...why...all my planning...for...nothing. I don't want to...suffer." The Green Goblin collapsed.

Even though a red lake formed around the body, Nate Grey scanned his mind. Spider-Man finally looked up to see The Goblin's body on the floor.

"Is it over? Is he?" Spider-Man asked.

Nate Grey nodded. "He's gone Peter. Nothing can bring him back."

Spider-Man was caught up in Mary Jane's anguish and torment as well as his own. "Finally."

After finally realizing what he just said, Spider-Man bowed his head in shame. Nate levitated over to his friend and consoled him.

"He put you through a lot. It's a normal reaction. Don't feel guilty about it."

Spider-Man clenched his fist. "It doesn't excuse it."

"Peter, I'm sorry." Mary Jane began to assert herself as well.

Spider-Man held her close. "Don't be Mary Jane. One of our demons has finally come to rest."

The pair with Little May in Mary Jane's hands departed as Nate Grey surveyed the body. Something else caught his eye as he noticed a glowing crystal in the room. It pulsed quicker and a high pitched buzz began to ring from it. He telekinetically picked up the shard and placed it next to the body. As Nate Grey departed the lab, it exploded into pieces. He quickly enveloped the three and him in a protective bubble of telekinetic energy. The shards bounced harmlessly off the shield as Spider-Man looked up to Nate Grey.

"The crystal became unstable. I didn't have time to retrieve the body before..."

Spider-Man nodded in interruption. "Take us home would you. I think we've had enough for tonight."


It had been a couple of days after Norman Osborn's death was announced, as well as his secret identity. Even though they had endured so much by the man, both Mary Jane and Peter were still unsettled by his last attempt to bring the Parker house down. This time the implied threat was Mary Jane becoming a mutant. Peter, being a brilliant scientific mind, offered to check Mary Jane's blood. Mary Jane nervously waited. It had been a couple hours since Peter took the blood sample. Finally, Peter came down the stairs with a long face.

"It has changed your genetic makeup. As far as I can tell, a dormant gene was activated. I don't know the effects yet." Peter explained to his wife.

She grabbed Peter and hugged him close. "Peter, I don't mean to be offensive. But, I want a second opinion. Someone who's an expert on this."

"Well, the only one I can trust and happens to be the foremost expert on the matter is Hank McCoy." Peter explained.

Mary Jane nodded. "Okay, give him a call after you finish something for me."

"What's that Hon?" Peter noticed her seriousness.

"Now, I want you to test her. I want to be sure she's not a..." Mary Jane looked at the small bundle of joy in her arms.

Peter bowed his head. "You got it MJ. I don't want that either."

Yet another couple of hours later, Peter walked down the stairs again. His face seemed a bit more tortured by something he had learned.

"Oh no, not that." Mary Jane began to cry.

Peter shook his head. "It's not. She has inherited a lot of her father's side though."

Mary Jane began to ball. "I rather know my baby is going to crawl walls then know she may melt."

Peter held her close. "Me too MJ. Me too."

"Well, I guess I have no choice but to hang up the webs. With great power comes responsibility, but not when it comes to a child. That responsibility takes precedence." Peter noted with emphasis.

Mary Jane bowed her head for a moment. "Tiger, I don't want you to hang them up just yet. I want you to do something for me. Bring down every villain that is out there. I do not want my child taken from me again."

He gulped in compliance. "Yes ma'am."

"And one more thing, Tiger. Your web slinging does not excuse you from changing diapers." Mary Jane noted with a smile.

Peter lightly kissed Mary Jane on the cheek. "Your wish is my command fair lady. The Spider-Man is going to take direct action from now on."

"Good. Can you go out and give me a moment with Little May?" Mary Jane's statement caught Peter off guard.

"Sure, I'll just go and make a patrol tonight. After all, today's the big bang." He winked at Mary Jane.

Mary Jane noted the calendar. "I guess it's not the end of the world after all."

"I'll see you later MJ." Peter gave a kiss as he went upstairs to change.

I guess she needs some time on her own to think. I don't blame her. Norman's last laugh may have made her a mutant. Spider-Man may just have to be her permanent protector.

Spider-Man swung out the window and started his routine patrol. A few hours had provided no big millennium surprises.

"It's been pretty quiet considering the circumstances. So much to do so little time." Spider-Man swung around a street alley.

Spider-Man noticed a bum was knocking on a blue jeep's window.

"There's a spider-sense waiting to happen." Spider-Man leapt right next to the man.

The bum turned around to see the costumed hero. "The thing told me to get away and called itself Gears. I've been trying to get him to talk. I guess he doesn't want to be friends."

Spider-Man couldn't help but laugh a little on the inside. "I wouldn't either with that breath of yours. Now, sit down before you really hurt yourself or get in trouble."

The bum stared at Spider-Man and shrugged. He sat back down in his makeshift home, a big cardboard box surrounded by debris. Spider-Man continued on as he swung out onto the street. His Spider-Sense suddenly shot off like a bolt of lightning.

"I knew it." He turned back around to see the Jeep leaping from it's spot as it sprouted legs.

"WHAT THE?" Spider-Man continued to watch as the Jeep transfigured into a full standing robot.

"Out of the way you pesky human, my leader's in trouble." The robot shoved the hanging Spider-Man aside. {See X-Men #4 for Details KV}

Spider-Man regained his balance. "Hey, why don't you drop off a cliff...or something. I've got to sit down."

Spider-Man sat next to a lamppost. He shuddered in mind numbing shock of what just occurred. The bum noticed and walked back over to him and offered his brown bag with the obvious intoxicating spirits inside.

"Do you want this?" He coughed the words.

Spider-Man shook his head. "No, I hope to wake up soon."

"Good, because my pink elephants are maximizing in size to robots." The bum poured out the drink on the sidewalk, and then he sat back down in his tiny makeshift home.

"Why robots? Why does it have to be transforming robots?" Spider-Man lamented outloud to the world.

After recollecting himself, Spider-Man managed to make his way back home.

"Happy New Year!" The bum shouted before going to an alcohol induced slumber.



Joe Wade had amassed a small enough fortune to settle in to his new apartment. It was run down and cheap, but it would suit his type of business. He closed the door behind him, and quickly thought of what to do next. There had already been one Spider-Man replacement and a spin-off. Joe thought something new was needed. His experience as a FBI agent would provide him with the necessary background to start his own Private Investigation Business. Joe smiled at that thought, as he could specialize in mutant investigations. The decision was made, and more important no need for a mask. All he needed was an office, and unfortunately what he had saved while in the FBI hospital was not enough. He looked up and was surprised to see one of his odd doctors there to greet him.

"Greetings, I came to see how you are faring after your cure." His voice still echoed like metal.

Joe nodded. "I'm doing fine, but I want to access my powers without being masked. Is that possible?"

"Yes, it is. In fact, we already planned for such a contingency." The Doctor replied.

Joe walked up next to the Doctor. "Well, how do I access them without changing into something?"

"It just requires thought. The nanotech has been programmed to respond to your direct mental commands."

Joe nodded once more. "Thanks. Did you come here to tell me about the other part of the bargain?"

The Doctor shifted for a moment. "No, not yet. We have just We are foreigners. We are seeking others who can help us at the moment."

"Oh? Is there a way I can help? Any particular type of people?" Joe seemed more than happy to help his strange benefactor.

"Yes, we wish to get to know those who are dubbed "heroes" and "villains". We don't wish for our procedures falling in the wrong hands." The Doctor explained.

"Well, you're in luck. I was thinking on opening a Private Investigation office, and was planning to specialize in mutant or superhuman cases. Problem is, I don't have enough to spare after getting this place."

"We can have funds transferred to you. All we care is that you carry out a task as soon as the time comes." The Doctor ominously repeated.

"Yeah, sure." Joe found himself unsure of his benefactor for the first time.

The Doctor turned around and left without another word.

Joe scratched his head. "I guess you'll call me. Hope my phone is connected by that time."

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